Your Guide to the EVCS Charging Network All the FAQS you are looking for.

ECVS Charging Network offers both Level 2 and 3 chargers, making it one of America’s newest charging networks.

What is EVCS Charging Network (Charging Network)?

Established in 2018 by Green Commuter, ECVS is one of the newest American charging networks. However, it works closely with them to promote eco-friendly vanpooling and commuting options. As a result, ECVS was born out of Green Commuters’ desire to lower barriers to electric vehicle charging systems and make them more affordable for EV owners.

EVCS uses a subscription-based model to make electric charging more accessible for drivers. Their network includes both Level 2 and 3 chargers, with plans to expand into 35 additional cities with already coverage, as well as adding chargers in cities where there are already existing networks.

How Many EVCS Charging Points Are in the US.?

California is home to most EVCS charging points; the company was founded there. You’ll also find them in major cities throughout Washington and Oregon, mostly at Level 2 or Level 3 levels; with over 650 chargers spread out across 150 locations nationwide, EVCS boasts a significant network of chargers.

How Can I Locate an EVCS Charging Station?

The ECVS network offers several ways to locate chargers. Users with the ECVS App can utilize it for on-the-go charging, while the website provides a map showing charging locations. Furthermore, users may search via Google, Apple, PlugShare, and other mapping services.

How Do You Utilize an EVCS Charge Station?

In order to use an EVCS charger, you’ll need the EVCS application. If you already have an ECVS Membership, make sure it is saved in the app; otherwise, pay whatever amount suits your budget. When ready to charge, open up the app and scan a QR code on the charger’s screen; this initiates a charging session. Finally, plug your car into the charger!

How Fast Are EVCS’ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

EVCS offers DC Fast chargers and Level 2 charging, both at 350 kW – on par with other fast-charging networks. The company’s network can deliver up to 350 kWh in some instances.

How Much Does an EVCS Charging Station Cost?

EVCS provides both subscriptions and pay-as-you-go network access. Customers with pay-as-you-go plans can purchase Level 2 and DC Fast chargers at $0.29 each kWh.

Standard Anytime costs $49.99 per month and provides 200 kWh per billing cycle. After that, Level 2 and Level 3 charging are priced at $0.29 per Kilowatt.

Unlimited Anytime Pro costs $199.99 a month with a complete fast charge included.

Subscribers to EVCS Unlimited Off-Peak Pro plans pay $99.99/month and are eligible to charge $0.29/kWh between 6 am and 10 pm.

How Can You Pay at an EVCS Charging Station?

Customers can make payments using either their smartphone app or credit/debit card reader at the charging station.

Does EVCS Support Plug-and-Charge Technology?

The EVCS does not currently support plug-and-charge, which enables you to set up a charging session and receive payment by simply plugging your car in.

When is it Beneficial to Utilize an EVCS Charging Station?

An EVCS charger could be ideal if you don’t want your electric vehicle (EV) charged at work or home and live along the West Coast. Planning ahead for charging while out running errands with your EV can be extremely helpful with these chargers.

Does the EVCS Network outpace rival fast-charging networks like Rival Networks?

If you live near an EVCS Station, the EVCS network may offer a better alternative than fast-charging networks. They offer competitive prices and attractive features like unlimited free off-peak charging. Unfortunately, unless you live in California, Oregon, or Washington the EVCS Network won’t be of much help as other central rival charging networks have wider coverage areas with more chargers as well as a presence across more states.

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