What is the Average Price of an Electric Car in the USA?

As electric cars gain in popularity, more consumers are looking to switch to electric vehicles. Price is one of the main factors that consumers look at when choosing a vehicle. What’s the average electric car price in USA? Let’s have a look.

Average Electric Car Price in the USA

According to Kelley Blue Book’s latest report, an average electric car price around $55,000 in the USA. The price of an electric vehicle can vary significantly depending on the type and model of the car, the size of the battery, and other factors.

Electric Cars: Price and other factors that influence the Cost

Battery Size

The size and power of the battery are two of the major factors influencing the price. As they can provide a larger range and more power, bigger batteries tend to cost more.

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Other features can also affect the price. More advanced features like autonomous driving or premium audio systems can increase the cost of a vehicle.

Make and model

The make and model can also play a major role in the price. Tesla Model S and other luxury electric cars cost upwards of $100,000. Nissan Leaf and other more affordable models, like the Nissan Leaf, can be bought for less than $30,000.

Electric Cars and Government Incentives

The government’s incentives are one way to offset the increased cost of electric cars. In the USA several incentives are available from the federal government and the states to encourage electric car adoption, such as tax credits, rebates, and other incentives.

Federal tax credits can be obtained for the purchase or lease of new electric cars. These tax credits range from $7,500 to up to $15,000 for eligible vehicles. The credit expires when a car manufacturer sells more than 200,000 electric automobiles in the USA.

In addition to federal incentives, many states offer incentives for electric vehicle buyers. California offers an incentive of $2,500 to purchase an electric vehicle, and Colorado offers a tax rebate of up to $4,000.

Electric Cars: The Future of Prices

With the improvement of battery technology and the decrease in production costs, we can expect electric car prices to drop over time. Many manufacturers are planning to release affordable electric cars over the next few decades, such as the Volkswagen ID.4 or Ford Mustang Mach-E.


In conclusion, an average electric car costs around $55,000 in the USA, but this can vary widely based on many factors. Although the higher cost of electric vehicles can be a barrier to some consumers, government subsidies can help offset that cost. As battery technology continues improving and more affordable electric vehicles are released, the price of these cars is expected to be competitive with those powered by gasoline.

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