Understanding Portable Chargers for Electric Cars

Electric cars are more and more popular, as they offer an eco-friendlier way of transport. The question of whether electric car users can use a portable charger to charge up their vehicles is a common one. In this article, you’ll learn what a “portable chargers” is, the way it works, as well as whether it can be used to charge your electric cars.

What are Portable Chargers?

A portable charger or a Level-1 charger is a device small enough to be used to charge an electric automobile’s battery. As opposed to Level 2 charging stations that are usually located in the public charging station or homes, Level 1 chargers only require 120-volt outlets. Most portable chargers have a cord to plug into your car’s charging port.

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Can Electric Cars Be Charged with a Portable Charger?

A portable charger can be used to recharge electric cars. You should keep in mind that there are limitations.

  • Charging Time: Because portable chargers are slower than level 2 chargers, it will take longer to fully charge the battery of your electric vehicle. Level 1 chargers can take up to 24 hrs to fully charge the battery of an electric car, depending on its make and model.
  • Battery size: The size will impact your charging time. The charging time may increase if your car’s battery is larger.
  • Range: Using portable chargers can affect your car’s range. If you’re planning a lengthy trip, you might not be able to charge your car fully if using a mobile charger.

Although portable chargers have limitations, they can still be an option for owners who own electric cars. The portable chargers can be very useful when topping off the battery of your electric car while you’re on vacation or overnight charging.

Portable charging: its pros and con

Here’s a closer look into the pros and cons of portable car charging.


  • Convenient. Portable charging devices are small and simple to use. This makes them an easy option for charging the car.
  • Portable chargers generally cost less than Level 2, which can run up to several hundred bucks.
  • Versatile: Portable chargers have many uses, from your home to the workplace and even to a friend’s home.


  • Slow Charging. Portable chargers will charge at a slower rate than Level 2 Chargers. If you want your car’s batteries to be fully charged, you need to plan accordingly.
  • Limited Range: The battery range of an electric vehicle may be reduced if it is charged solely by a portable charging device.
  • Compatibility. Not all portable chargers are compatible with electric cars. Check the manual for your car to see if Level 1 chargers can be used.

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Final Thoughts:

Even though portable chargers don’t charge your car’s batteries as quickly or efficiently as other options, they can be useful. Portable chargers can be easily used, are cheap, and work in different places. But, you should also be aware of limitations, like the long charging time and short range. Make sure to check out your car manual before purchasing a portable charger to ensure compatibility.

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