The Lordstown Endurance Electric Car – a new player in the EV Market

Lordstown Motors (founded in 2019) is a relatively recent player in the electric car market. Lordstown Endurance is the first electric vehicle produced by the Ohio-based manufacturer. We’ll look closely at this electric pickup truck in this article and discover what sets it apart.

Design and Features

The Lordstown Endurance stands out with its unique design from the traditional gasoline-powered pick-up trucks. The vehicle comes with a unique grille less-front end which gives it a sleek and modern look. The pickup is covered with an extra-secure hard tonneau.

Lordstown Endurance gets its power from four in-hub electric motors. These deliver a combined output of 600 horsepower. The vehicle’s range is up to 500 miles per charge and it can tow a maximum of 7,500 pounds. The vehicle is equipped with a 4-wheel system for excellent off-road capability.

Endurance’s features are geared toward commercial and fleet customers. For instance, it features a large center console that can be converted into a mobile office and a folding front seat for additional storage.

Production and availability

Lordstown Motors faces some challenges but is making progress. In May of 2021, Lordstown Motors announced that the Endurance was being produced at the Ohio factory. First deliveries to customers are expected in 2021.

The company plans to also produce an electrical van based on the same platform as Endurance. The van will be aimed primarily at fleet and commercial customers. It should have a range similar to the Endurance and a comparable towing capacity.

Competition in EV Pickup Truck Market

Lordstown Endurance’s EV pickup truck faces stiff competition. Tesla’s Cybertruck was a huge hit and Ford, General Motors, and General Motors all announced that they would produce electric versions of their pickup trucks.

Lordstown Endurance does have some unique features, which make it different from its competitors. The in-hub electric motors for example provide excellent control of traction which is very important when off-roading. The pickup cover is a unique and useful feature, which adds security to the cargo.

Last Thoughts

The Lordstown Endurance EV represents a new and promising entry on the EV scene. While the company has had to overcome some challenges to bring the vehicle to the marketplace, it seems that they are making progress. Endurance could be attractive to commercial or fleet customers seeking a reliable, capable electric pickup.

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