Subaru Electric Cars: Everything you need to know

Subaru, a Japanese carmaker, is renowned for making all-wheel drive standard on most of its models, including the Impreza, Crosstrek, and Ascent. Additionally, many of Subaru electric cars have favorable safety reviews. Mazda, Honda, and Toyota are rivals of Subaru.

In the middle of the 2020s, Subaru’s Yajima facility in Japan will start producing its own EVs alongside internal combustion engines. Subaru plans to build a facility specifically for electric vehicles starting around 2027 at the site of its Oizumi plant, which now produces engines and transmissions. It will begin producing EVs by the middle of the decade as it tries to catch up in the race to zero-emission vehicles. Subaru currently offers the Solterra electric crossover.

It’s what distinguishes a Subaru as a Subaru. North of Tokyo in the Japanese city of Ota is where Subaru’s main production facility is located. While some cars produced in the United States are assembled at an Indiana factory, Subaru and its suppliers in Ota provide the components.

New all-electric versions are on the way, according to Subaru. Check out the projected Subaru Outback EV for 2024. Subaru Corporation has stated that it will begin producing new EV models as it ramps up battery-electric production over the next five years and will build an all-electric model facility by 2027.

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Subaru Solterra Electric Cars

That is the most modern Subaru we’ve ever produced. The 2023 Subaru Solterra, whose name combines the Latin words for “sun” and “earth,” is the first AWD electric car to boast the famed standard capability of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. It was built on our first-ever all-electric architecture, the e-Subaru Global Platform. The Solterra is an all-electric, zero-emission SUV that is jam-packed with cutting-edge technologies inside and out. It has a ground clearance of 8.3 inches, a beautiful optional 12.3-inch touchscreen, cutting-edge active safety features, and the reliable performance of a Subaru.

According to consumer reports, the typical Solterra ranges up to 228 miles on a full charge. However, certain Solterra trims get even less range. The Limited and Touring models have a 222-mile range.

You can transport all the gear you need for your excursions with the 2023 Solterra thanks to its up to 30 cubic feet of cargo capacity, which is greater than the Kia Niro EV1. Loading that gear is made further simpler by the low load height, a rear gate opening more than 41 inches wide, and a power rear gate that is an option.

Raised roof rails can carry additional gear, motorcycles, and more if you’re transporting heavier stuff. The standard Solterra can go up to 228 miles on a full charge. However, certain Solterra trims get even less range. Two hundred twenty-two miles may be covered in the limited and touring models. These range figures are below average compared to other electric SUVs of comparable size.

Specification of 2023 Solterra

  • EV Range (estimated miles): More than 220
  • Horsepower: 215
  • Torque (lb.-ft.): 248
  • Passenger volume (cu. ft): 95.7
  • Cargo volume upper/lower cargo floor position (cu.ft.): 27.7/30.3
  • Cargo volume from the lower row (cu.ft.): 30.3
  • Total passenger & cargo volume (cu.ft.): 126
  • Rear cargo opening width (in.): 41.3
  • Wheelbase (in.): 112.2
  • Length: 184.6in
  • Width: 73.2in
  • Height: 65.0in
  • Seating Capacity: Five passengers
  • Ground clearance: 8.3in

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A Level 1 123-volt home charger is included with each Subaru Solterra. You’ll like having the option to upgrade to a Level 2 240-Volt charger. In addition, 46,000 public charging stations, including Level 2 and Level 3 DC Fast-chargers, are compatible with the Solterra. Here are the charging rates for each kind of Subaru Solterra charging station:

  • Level 1 (120-Volt) Charger: The charging speeds of the Subaru Solterra home charger have not been made public. However, a Level 1 will probably need more than 24 hours to get an 80% charge.
  • Level 2 (240-Volt) Charger*: If you upgrade to the Level 2 charger, you can probably charge your Solterra to 80% in a single afternoon.
  • Level 3 DC Fast-Charger: Level 3 DC fast-chargers, according to reports, can charge the Solterra to 80% in under an hour. Further, information concerning charging timings will be provided as the release date draws closer.
  • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive from Subaru
  • 8.3 inches of ground clearance.
  • Hill Ascent/Descent Assist and X-MODE
  • Star Drive’s zero-emission all-electric drivetrain.
  • Driver Assist Technology for the Blind.
  • Automatic Climate control
  • Monitoring for Blind Spots


Subaru’s first all-electric SUV, the Solterra, has been disclosed pricing. The car, like most Subarus, comes with all-wheel drive as standard and will start at $44,995, with the “Limited” and “Touring” trim beginning at $48,495 and $51,995, respectively.

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Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid/Electric Cars

The 2023 Crosstrek’s standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system was developed to provide drivers with the best traction possible in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, poor roads, and no roads. It continually analyses cornering, braking, and acceleration in real-time for continuous power delivery to all four wheels. Power is immediately transferred to the wheels with the highest grip when a wheel starts to slide.

The 2023 Crosstrek boasts a warm interior with a high-end look and feels packed with helpful and practical innovations like its Subaru STARLINK Multimedia system. Compared to the Toyota C-HR, Hyundai Kona, and Mazda CX-303, it offers more interior rooms with a maximum volume of 121.7 cubic feet.

There is always room for more fun in the Crosstrek Hybrid. A wide hole at the back gate allows more effortless loading of more essential things. If your car features 60/40 split flat-folding rear seatbacks, you can fit three passengers in the back with both seatbacks up or fold one down for more excellent baggage space.

Subaru first made its blind spot detection system available in 2014. It has since evolved into the standard feature. On some of their cars and available on many more. Blind spot detection systems use radar to keep an eye on the sides and back of the automobile and warn drivers when another vehicle is approaching too closely.

The bundled charger may charge the Crosstrek Hybrid anywhere there is a regular outlet, even at home. The Crosstrek Hybrid can recharge a fully discharged battery in five hours or less when linked to a 120V home outlet (Level 1). It takes about two hours to charge completely when using a 240V outlet (Level 2). Faster charge times are possible for your Crosstrek Hybrid at most public charging stations since they have 240V charging capabilities. Among inexpensive plug-in hybrids, the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid still has a 17-mile electric range. Subaru often takes a different approach than other manufacturers, from its flat-four engines to its tough-utilitarian design. According to Subaru, the Solterra will have a range of “up to 228 miles,” be able to charge 80% of its battery in under an hour and operate as much as possible in all-electric mode to save fuel consumption.

Crosstrek Safety Feature

  • Anti-lock brakes: When a tire stop spinning while subjected to intense braking, ABS brakes instantly detect this and adjust the brake pressure to restore tire rotation. That improves a vehicle’s ability to turn when braking.
  • Control over stability: Stability control detects when the vehicle’s handling limitations have been surpassed and automatically decreases engine power or applies some brakes to assist the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle.
  • Front-impact airbags: Front-impact airbags protect the driver and passenger’s heads in the event of a front-end crash.
  • airbags on the sides: Front-seat side impact airbags will protect the torso in case of a side impact accident.
  • Head protection airbags: In the case of a side accident or rollover, overhead airbags are utilized to protect the occupants’ heads.
  • Knee airbags: Knee airbags help protect the lower legs of the driver or passenger in the event of a crash.


Priced at $35,645, the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is only offered in one model. A hybrid engine with 148 horsepower, an automatic gearbox that changes gears constantly, and all-wheel drive are all standard features.

The 2023 Solterra gives you up to 30 cubic feet of cargo space – more than the Kia Niro EV.

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Advantage of Subaru Electric Cars

A Subaru EV is not only more effective than a conventional combustion engine car but also easier to maintain and doesn’t need the same petroleum lubricants for its engine components. Even so, routine maintenance such as oil changes necessitates a wait time not even factored in.

Even when energy production is considered, the emissions from an electric vehicle in full electric mode are nil, significantly reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Cleaner automobiles lead to better air quality and health.

Subarus are undoubtedly among the most well-balanced vehicles on the market right now. The Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive system, the longitudinally placed Subaru Boxer engine, and the almost flawlessly symmetrical drive train are the three major causes of this.

Thanks to these factors, the automobile is balanced as much as possible. Improved stability from improved balance makes driving easier. Environmentally Responsible.

  • system of regenerative braking.
  • lightweight material
  • system of regenerative braking.
  • An electric assistive motor
  • More compact engines
  • Auto Start and shutdown

Disadvantage of Subaru Electric Vehicles

  • Mediocre interior – not to compare Subaru to Audi, but it should be better in its class.
  • Poor optional equipment, though this has significantly improved since 2008+.
  • Its fuel economy isn’t as good as other vehicles in its class (due to the AWD).
  • Dead batteries are a common problem for particular 2015 and early Subaru automobile owners.
  • The batteries are weak but not faulty. Instead, it seems that there is a parasitic drain that consumes battery power while the cars are off.
  • Several class-action lawsuits claim that Subaru has been aware of this issue since 2014.
  • Reduced Power Twin-powered engines are standard in hybrid automobiles.
  • Weak handling
  • More expensive maintenance.
  • An accident caused by high voltage in batteries
  • It costs a lot to replace batteries.
  • Recycling and Disposal of Batteries

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What advantage do electric car drives enjoy?

You won’t need fossil fuels to power your electric automobile. It entails avoiding costly and bothersome visits to the petrol station. Instead, you may quickly recharge the battery in your Subaru from home. Harmful emissions do not exist since fossil fuels are not utilized. Many individuals may find driving electric cars more fun since they are quiet and rapidly produce torque. Electric automobiles often need less upkeep than cars with combustion engines.

How do your service your Subaru Electric Cars at home?

The 120-volt charger with your Subaru EV may be connected to a garage outlet. Some clients opt to upgrade to a 240-volt home charger for quicker charging. Installation by a qualified specialist is necessary for this choice.

How do you change your electric vehicle while driving?

The Solterra has a range of 210 miles, so that it may get you anywhere you need to go for your day’s activities. Once you get back home, you can recharge the battery. However, if you plan on making more extended trips, you may be relieved to know that 38,000 public charging stations are spread out strategically around the nation. With a DC charging connection, the 240-volt charging stations can charge your Subaru EV to 80% in one hour.

Does the Subaru Crosstrek Electric Cars Have a Remote Start?

Yes. All trim levels of the Crosstrek include temperature control and remote engine start. Your smartphone provides access to this function.

What Does the Name “Solterra” Mean?

The Latin words for “sun” and “earth” were combined to produce the name “Solterra.”

Is the Subaru Solterra electric cars easy to maintain?

Yes. The Subaru Solterra’s engine components do not need the same petroleum lubricants, so oil changes are not a time-consuming or expensive expense.

When I’m out and about, what kind of charger do I need to charge any Subaru Solterra electric cars? Where can I locate a station like this one for charging?

You shouldn’t often need to charge while doing errands since your Solterra can go over 220 miles on a full charge that is finished overnight. In case you need on-the-go charging, more than 38,000 public Level 2 or Level 3 DC fast-charge stations are available around the country. Your best option is a Level 3 DC fast charger with a CCS socket if you need to recharge Subaru electric cars while away from home. Your battery may get 80% of its full charge from the lightning-quick DC charger in less than an hour.

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