Is It Possible to Take a Tesla Through a Car Wash? – Understanding Tesla’s Car Wash Mode

Tesla cars stand out in the marketplace due to their unique features, such as being completely battery-powered. This attracts eco-conscious individuals worried about carbon emissions. Here we will reveal the answer to the question Is It Possible to Take a Tesla Through a Car Wash?

Taking Your Tesla into a Car Wash

A Tesla requires regular maintenance and cleaning, as with any other vehicle. But, Teslas need special care and care when it comes to car washing. Sure, you can put the Tesla through an auto wash however, it’s important to make use of a touchless system to avoid scratch marks.

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Enabling Tesla Car Wash Mode

Before you enter the car wash, be sure you enable before you enter car wash, make sure to enable Tesla car washing mode. This feature helps protect vulnerable areas like the charging port as well as the interior surfaces from water damage. But, be aware that the car wash feature is only available in Model Y, newer versions of Model X and Model S, and Model 3. If your car does not come with such a feature, it may turn off the functions manually which the car wash function can be able to turn off.

Best Ways to Wash a Tesla

There are many ways of getting rid of your Tesla:

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Method 1: Hand Wash

Handwashing is the most effective method to clean Tesla automobiles since it reduces the chance of scratching or denting. While it is time-consuming, however, it provides an effective as well as safe clean-up. If you are hand washing, be cautious about making use of cleaners that contain high-alkaline chemicals, which could damage the car’s fragile exterior. Two buckets are the most commonly used method to wash your hands on the exterior of a Tesla.

Method 2: Waterless Car Wash

If you are looking for a green option that saves water, look into the water-free method of car washing. The process involves applying products onto the car’s surface before cleaning them off using the help of a cloth. This technique is suitable with light dirt and may be a viable alternative when an entire car wash isn’t necessary.

Method 3: Touchless Car Wash

If you’d prefer an automated car wash, go for one that is touch-free that is recommended by the manufacturer. Touchless car washes do NOT employ bristles or brushes which could damage your car. But, you should be aware of the detergent that is used, because certain formulations are extremely potent and can cause damage to the surface of your car. If your car wash is equipped with conveyor belts, turn on it. Enable the Free Roll feature to let your Tesla roll around freely during the washing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t the Tesla pass through the car wash?

A Tesla can go through an auto wash, however, making use of touchless hands or other water-free methods is advised with hand-washing being the best alternative for the Tesla.

Does Tesla provide no-cost car washing?

Tesla offered free car washes in conjunction with the maintenance of their vehicles, however, Tesla has reportedly stopped offering this service after the year 2019.

Are you able to drive the Tesla Model 3 to an auto wash?

It is true that Tesla Model 3 cars come with a car wash feature and can be washed safely by using the techniques mentioned above. The older X as well as S models don’t have this feature and could require a different method of treatment.

Do I need to clean my Tesla?

Hand washing is the most effective way to avoid harming the exterior of your Tesla.

What is the reason that car wash mode is not accessible on my Tesla?

Car wash isn’t accessible in earlier versions are Model S and Model X specifically those built before 2021.


Yes, a Tesla can indeed pass through car washes however, it is important to think about the method of cleaning carefully. An automatic car wash that is touch-free is the most efficient and efficient, while hands-washing is your most secure choice. For dirt that is lighter washing, a waterless car wash is an environmentally-friendly option. If you choose the right technique, you can keep the appearance and cleanliness of your Tesla with ease.

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