How often should electric cars be serviced?

Electric cars are becoming more popular. This raises the question of how often electric cars need to be serviced. There are many components and systems that electric cars have that differ from traditional gasoline-powered cars. This can impact their maintenance requirements. This article will discuss how often and what type of maintenance electric cars require.

Regular Maintenance for Electric Cars

Like gasoline-powered cars, they also require regular maintenance to make sure they run smoothly and efficiently. Electric cars may have fewer moving parts than gasoline-powered cars so maintenance is less frequent. Regular maintenance for electric cars includes:

  • Tire rotation and balance should be performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. This will ensure that your tires wear evenly and prolong their life.
  • Brake Inspection: Electric cars have regenerative braking which means they use the brakes less often than gasoline-powered cars. It is important to inspect the brakes every 12,000 to 15,000 miles to make sure they work properly.
  • Coolant replacement: A car’s motor and battery should be changed at least every 150,000 miles. Or every 5 years.
  • Cabin Air Filter Repair: This should happen every 20,000-25,000 miles to maintain high-quality air inside your car.
  • High-Efficiency AC Conditioning System: Electric cars are equipped with air conditioners that are more efficient and less costly than those found in gasoline-powered cars. The system should still be inspected at least every two years to make sure it is operating efficiently.

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Major Maintenance for Electric Cars

While electric cars are less likely to need major maintenance than cars powered by gasoline, certain tasks still need to be completed at regular intervals. These include:

  • Battery Maintenance: A battery pack in an electric vehicle is one of its most crucial components. Although it is built to last for the entire life of the vehicle, it is still vital to inspect it every 50,000 to 100,000 km to ensure that it functions properly.
  • Maintenance of an Electric Motor: An electric motor is another important component that must be maintained regularly. It should be checked every 100,000 miles to make sure it is running smoothly.
  • Transmission Maintenance: The transmissions of electric cars are easier than those of gasoline-powered cars. This means that they need less maintenance. The transmission should be checked at least once every 150,000 miles to make sure it is functioning properly.


While electric cars do require regular maintenance like gasoline-powered vehicles, they are generally less expensive and more frequent. Most electric cars require service every 10,000-15,000 miles, depending upon the manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s important that you keep your car running smoothly to avoid major issues. If you are unsure of how often your electric cars should be serviced, check the owner’s guide or contact the manufacturer. A well-maintained electric car will last many years, and be a reliable and cost-effective mode of transport.

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