2022 Guide About Electric Car Tires

Electric car tires: Bankrate reports that over 2.4 million electric plug-in vehicles (EV) have been sold in the U.S. since 2010 and that 2022 sales reached record highs despite inventory problems, says CoxAuto. Its brands include Auto trader and Kelly Blue Book.

There are many questions you should ask about the best electric car tires. Do you require special tires for electric vehicles? Are EV tires more expensive than gas-powered tires?

Each day, there are more and more new tires on the market. It is essential to determine which tires are worth the cost, especially considering EV tires.

As we have mentioned, electric vehicles require durable tires. They must be quiet, with good rolling resistance and excellent handling and brake properties.

Are you looking to buy all-season, winter, or summer electric tires? High-performance or tour tires models? Which conditions are you going to drive the vehicle?

You might need different sets of tires depending on what you answered. What are the best tires for your EV?

What should you look for in a tire when shopping for an electric car?

There is no doubt that an electric car requires special tires. But “special” is a description of the tire characteristics that are needed to be offered.

Tire manufacturers strive to produce tires for versatile EV-car models such as the Nissan Leaf and Audi e-Tron.

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An EV car’s best tires should offer excellent handling and braking, more robust load durability, energy efficiency, longer tread life, and better handling. Following are top tires you need to know.



All-season tires can be challenging to find, especially when considering the requirements of electric cars. Joy Road Grand Tourer H/T is an excellent choice. Its all-season compound and ribbed tread design provide all-season traction and hydroplaning protection.

Joy Road Grand Tourer H/T offers high-speed durability in SUV and passenger vehicle sizes.

The all-season compound, the sipe, notch pattern, and the ribbed tread design boost the tire’s performance year-round. The durable compound helps increase the tire’s safety while driving at high speeds.

This model encourages cornering, brake, and overall controllability. Because the tires are close to the road, the driver has greater vehicle control. High-speed durability is also possible due to the more robust structure and heat-resistant compound elements.


The Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) is durable for summer traction. It also offers structural durability and high-speed performance.

The silica and carbon-black compounds in PZ4 blend with the asymmetrical tread design to increase dry and wet road grip. Hydroplaning resistance is demonstrated by the tire’s active water dispersal below the footprint.

You can choose between performance or luxury-oriented models. They each have their advantages.

Thanks to the heat-resistant compound mix and reinforced twin steel belt interior structure, high-speed durability is guaranteed. On the other side, the tread design reduces road noise and vibration.

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The Goodyear Eagle Touring, an all-season, extremely comfortable, and reliable vehicle, is exceptional. This model would be an excellent choice for touring-oriented electric cars. Goodyear Eagle Touring tires are a unique model.

They come in high-performance and touring sizes. This model is available in an 18 to 22 rim size range. Because of its quiet ride, electric vehicles can have this tire mounted on them.

The tread pattern on this model resists waterlogging and can safely perform in all weather conditions. This model uses a special all-season rubber compound that ensures the tire’s safety year-round.

The footprint’s sipe- and groove placement also reduces the braking distance. Maintaining road contact has allowed the tire to improve its overall controllability. That reduces road noises and vibrations to ensure passengers have a pleasant driving experience.


As the name implies, the Nokian WR G4 is designed for SUV sizes. Nokian offers a 60,000-mile tread wear guarantee with this model.

This tire is all-weather because it can conquer any season with a precise footprint. The rubber compound extends the tire’s life expectancy.

It is possible to achieve a lower rolling resistance. Silent Wall technology stops sound waves from reaching the vehicle’s cabin. Additionally, the Aramid Sidewall technology improves tire driving durability and control.


Nexen Roadian GTX offers excellent grip in all conditions, including dry, wet, and light snow. The overall performance of the Nexen Roadian GTX is very satisfactory. You can choose from a 17- to 20 rim size, offering more options in the EV tire market. Its load endurance is excellent for an SUV tire. The perfect tire shape and ribbed footprint offer better driving performance, control, and stability.

That model can carry the vehicle’s entire weight without any problems. Thanks to the precise sipe placement, snow does not pose any problems.

The instant torque of electric cars can cause tire wear, drastically reducing the vehicle’s service life. Tires for electric cars should have tires that resist premature and irregular wear.

All-season tires are the best because they can optimize tread wear. They are also resistant to hydroplaning in wet conditions.


Firestone Winter Force 2 is available for all winter driving requirements. This winter tire is a great touring option that will protect your electric vehicle even in the harshest winter conditions, such as snowy or ice-covered roads.

The model is available in 14-18 rims, making them suitable for EV owners. But what is this tire good at?

Winter weather traction, however, is only one feature. Instead, the tread area includes full-depth tread elements and reinforced construction.

They reduce road vibrations and promote quieter driving. The model will be an excellent choice for electric vehicle drivers.


We also recommend the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, a high-performance summer tire. Its performance shines in hot conditions.

It is heat-resistant and has ideal road contact to get wet and dry traction. It also includes the Grip Boost Compound Technology, Goodyear’s best-selling summer compound blend. That helps to improve traction.

Because the tire significantly lowers the vehicle’s energy use, eco-friendly driving is encouraged. Active Braking technology and construction techniques ensure that the driver has complete control over the car at all speeds.


All-season tires are great for electric cars and can also be used as tour tires. They provide the necessary traction while also reducing rolling resistance. It results in their excellent all-season performance and energy efficiency.

The Falken Ziex CT60A/S does not differ. Its silica-based compound, asymmetric tread design, and dry snow condition-specific compounds increase road grip. Combined with the 4D Nano Design Technology, this impressive traction reduces the vehicle’s energy consumption.

This tread design also guarantees cornering, handling, and extended tread life. They keep the tire’s contact surface, which promotes even pressure circulation. That helps to prevent premature wear and irregular wear.

Falken Ziex CT60 A/S rims are available in 16-20 mm sizes. These rims are very affordable.


Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 is a high-speed vehicle with summer traction and durability. This model makes it easy to corner and handle your electric vehicle. How do you mount these tires on an electric car?

High-speed drives are durable thanks to their high-density sidewall stiffness and stronger single-stranded wire. With this model, drivers can guarantee the performance of electric vehicles. This tire can also safely navigate wet roads as hydroplaning can’t be prevented.

The car’s interior is protected from road and tire noises generated during driving. Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2’s tread has been designed using Stealth technology. It also features five-pitch and M-pitch variations.


A high-performance tire for winter is rare. These tires will give your car a safe ride. It would be best if you considered winter weather, snow traction, and ice when selecting tires for your EV. It is hard to find the perfect fit than finding it. This model offers 17 to 21 rim-size tires.

BluEarth technology has low rolling resistance. That will reduce the energy required to run your EV and give you more mileage. That will allow the battery to run longer on one charge.



There are a few reasons EVs might need “special” tires. The first is their extra weight. It’s true: EVs are heavier than gas vehicles. Batteries can be hefty.

Electric vehicles are heavier than other vehicles, so the tire industry has to adapt. High-load capacity tires (also known as HL) are a new type. These tires can carry a more significant load at the same tire pressure as traditional tires.

EVs are also heavier and require lower rolling resistance. Better traction is also needed for EVs that require high-performance on-demand torque. Because their tires create more friction during acceleration, they are challenging to drive. EV-specific tires have been designed to improve grip and decrease wear.

We finally get to noise. EV tires must be quiet enough to make them as soft as possible. An electric vehicle with standard tires can make it uncomfortable to drive.

Standard tires are louder when they roll over a road surface. However, this is often masked by your engine. EVs have a different sound, so you need quieter tires.

Different tire recommendations will suit other vehicles.


Yes, electric cars put more significant strain on their tires. Because electric vehicles are heavier, the tires of these vehicles put more pressure on their tires. Because of this, the tread wears faster due to the vehicle’s instant torque. That is why they use their tires more.

Do EV tires cost more?

Yes, and no. You’ll find that you can spend as little as $100 on a budget car tire, while luxury vehicles can cost well over $1,000. Budget tires are priced at around $120, while premium tires with high performance and mid-range tires can be purchased for between $250 and $350. You can expect to pay higher prices because EVs are heavier than gasoline vehicles. Heavy vehicles need tires that can hold their weight. That means there are more rubber compounds. More rubber compounds cost more.

How long can EV tires last?

That is a general question, which unfortunately doesn’t have a simple answer. While most people assume that EV tires will wear quicker due to their extra weight and increased torque, this depends on the vehicle.

EVs can be powerful and heavy and require regular maintenance, even if fitted with EV tires.

An issue with wheel alignment, wheel balance, or improper pressure can significantly impact tire wear more than if the tires are fitted to petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles.

EV tire pressure

To avoid any strain on the tire structure, electric car owners should check the pressure of their tires every two weeks.

Alignment of electric car wheels

Electric cars require regular wheel alignment checks. Any misalignment may cause rapid wear to your tires. All of our branches offer free alignment services.


The wear on electric car tires is faster due to more driving load and pressure. Due to their heavier construction and instant torque, EVs wear faster. Consider tread durability when buying a new set of tires for your electric car.


When we talk about electric cars, it looks like only investing one time and becoming free. We suggest that you don’t neglect electric car tires. For our users and readers, we try to provide you with information you are looking for EV tires.

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