EV Battery Manufacturers You Should Know

Making batteries now is an excellent time: According to the International Energy Agency EV Battery manufacturers, there might be 145 million electric vehicles worldwide by 2030, up from just 10 million in 2020. Three million brand-new EVs were registered by buyers last year. According to Adam’s Intelligence, the vehicles included 134.5 gigawatt-hours of batteries, a 40% increase in just one year. Aside from proliferation, many EVs need bigger batteries. To keep up with market demands for long driving distances, quick acceleration, and now SUV size and usefulness. According to Ryan Castillo, managing director of Adam’s Intelligence, COVID-19 only minimally slowed the development of mushrooms. In the 5 months of 2021, the total auto battery capacity installed on roadways worldwide is more than the entire year of 2018.

The World’s Top 8 EV Battery Manufacturers

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited

Contemporary Amperex Technology is a Chinese technology company that produces lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems. It was established in 2011. It is headquartered in Ningde in Fujian Province and has manufacturing facilities in Qinghai Liyang and Ningde. Its two main R&D centers are located in Berlin and Ningde. Their annual sales volume for energy storage capacity was 6.8 GWH in 2016. CATL is the largest supplier and manufacturers of electric vehicles battery solutions, hybrid electric cars, and plug-in hybrid vehicles, according to annual shipments. The world’s target lithium-ion production capacity of 50 GWh is the goal.

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To secure agreements with foreign manufacturers, CATL had to outbid its primary rival. BYD Company, which prioritized battery supply for its vehicles. Manufacturers of electric vehicles presently employ CATL’s battery technology. Aand CATL works with organizations including PSA, Hyundai, Honda, BMW, Daimler AG, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Its clients in China include SAIC Motor, Foton Motor, Yutong Bus, Zhongtong Bus, Xiamen King Long, Geely Automobile, GAC Group, and BAIC Motor. BMW stated in 2018 that it would purchase batteries from CATL for the electric Mini and following vehicles worth €4 billion.

Samsung SDI EV Battery Manufacturers

Provide these parts for solar power plants, cars, and cell phones. It is a subsidiary of South Korean technological behemoth Samsung Electronics. And it has EV battery manufacturing plants in China, Hungary, and South Korea that cater to customers, including BMW, Volvo, and Volkswagen.

The EU is investigating whether Budapest’s financial assistance complies with the bloc’s state aid rules. But Samsung SDI is investing about 1.2 billion euros ($1.3 billion) to increase its manufacturing there. Production at the Samsung plant in Hungary, which will produce batteries for 50,000 EVs per year, started last year. Currently, the company makes batteries, which account for about 50% of its sales.

Panasonic EV Battery Manufacturers

The third-placed company is Panasonic. It is the world’s leading provider of EV batteries. It produces various battery sizes, ranging from 75 kWh to 100 kWh, in collaboration with Tesla. The 35 GWh-capable Gig factory was inaugurated by Tesla and Panasonic in Nevada, USA, in 2018.

After losing its position as Tesla’s sole battery supplier due to changes in the market environment. Including the rise of competitors from South Korea and China and Tesla’s decision to bring the development and manufacturing of battery cells in-house. Panasonic established a joint venture for electric vehicle batteries with Toyota in 2020 called Prime Planet Energy & Solutions Inc. Panasonic owns 49% of the business. It was the first time two businesses have worked together on a battery-related project since Prim Earth EV Energy began making batteries for hybrid electric vehicles in 1996.

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LG Energy Solution EV Battery Manufacturers

In Biskupice Podgorny, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw was established in 2016. It is Europe’s first and largest facility for producing batteries for electric vehicles. Poland’s adoption of cutting-edge technology results from greenfield development in Wroclaw. Thanks to LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, Poland takes the top spot in Europe. The enterprise has a space of about 100 acres with dozens of modern production lines. From the present 70 GWh, the capacity will expand to 115 GWh in 2025.

The Stellated assembly sites in the US, Canada, and Mexico will receive deliveries of the batteries created there. The business owns several well-known automakers, including Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, Opel, and Peugeot.

BYD Co. EV Battery Manufacturers

The Stellated assembly sites in the US, Canada, and Mexico will receive batteries via BYD delivery. The business owns several well-known automakers, including Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, Opel, and Peugeot. Currently, LG Energy Solution, a world leader in the supply of batteries to all market categories, from consumer goods in the IT and power tool industries to energy storage systems, provides batteries to 13 of the 20 main automobile manufacturers in the world (ESS).

According to, Mr. He Long, numerous automakers are currently talking with us about joint ventures based on the Blade Battery’s technology. BYD will gladly collaborate and exchange with international partners to produce outcomes advantageous to all participants in the sector, he continued.

The Blade Battery will be included with the Han EV, the premium sedan model from BYD that will go on sale in June. The new vehicle, which has a cruising range of 605 kilometers and an acceleration time of just 3.9 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, will be the head of the brand’s Dynasty Family.

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SK Innovation EV Battery Manufacturers

An agreement to collaboratively develop and produce solid-state batteries for EVs using Solid Power’s exclusive electrolyte technology was announced by battery producer SK Innovation. The alliance aims to evaluate the all-solid-state battery and electrolyte manufacturing techniques of Solid Power and jointly advance the technology.

The chemical-energy and e-battery-focused business of the South Korean conglomerate SK Group is called SK Innovation. In addition to decades of oil refining, SK Innovation has established itself as a major supplier of batteries to the world’s cars. That includes businesses like Ford, which launched a joint venture with the firm in May, and Hyundai Motor Group, a Korean manufacturer.

Ford and BMW jointly announced a $130 million round of funding to promote the development of Solid Power’s solid-state batteries around the same time as the partnership mentioned earlier between Ford and SK Innovation. Also, they are not alone. When decarburization Plus Acquisition Corporation III ($DCRC) and Solid Power announced their intention to merge in June last year, $350 million in cash was placed in trust as part of the deal.

Now that the development of these EV solid-state batteries is nearing completion, SK Innovation sees promise in Solid Power’s unique solid electrolyte and is looking to integrate them into its manufacturing procedures.

Lithium Energy Japan (LEJ) EV Battery Manufacturers

Following the merger of three businesses, GS Yuasa International Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation, and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Lithium Energy Japan was established in December 2007. Large lithium-ion batteries are its area of expertise in development, production, and sales.

Several projects have started in the modern world to attain the “Sustainable Development Goals (STG)”. Countermeasures for global warming are one of the SDG’s goals. The Japanese government said in October 2020 that it would work toward attaining net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 to achieve carbon neutrality (a decarbonized society) and has launched a “Green Growth Strategy” to spur the country’s next round of economic growth. The efficient use of electricity is essential for decarburization, and electricity storage is required.

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Wanxiang EV Battery Manufacturers

Chinese global corporation Wanxiang Group Corporation is based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. According to revenues, its subsidiary Wanxiang Qiaochao is China’s biggest manufacturer of automobile components like Battery Used in Electric Vehicles. More than 50 nations and areas are served by its marketing of items such as batteries, electro-mobile systems, solar energy systems, and vehicle parts. The corporation does business with many foreign automakers and suppliers, including GM, FORD, Volkswagen, BMW, BENZ, Daewoo, Hyundai, Toyota, and Mazda.

Beginning in 2009, WXEV expanded its battery production and invested 1.2 billion RMB in the production of 1 billion. WXEV currently has 30 battery-related patents.


When you decide to shift toward electric cars, then you need to know about the batteries used in your EV. The most important part of electric vehicles is their batteries. Electric Cars Tech presents you with the top 8 EV battery manufacturers to better understand our reader.

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