Do You Need to Know About Rivian Electric Vehicles?

In 2009, Rivian Automotive, Inc., an American manufacturer of electric vehicles and provider of automotive technologies, was founded. The electric SUV, pickup trucks, and truck on a skateboard chassis will all be built by Rivian. This platform can support future cars; which other businesses can use or modify. Amazon is working with another company to develop electric delivery vehicles. In 2021, Rivian began shipping the R1T electric pickup van. As of March 20, 2022, the R1S and delivery vehicles were still under construction. By 2023, the business wants to build an exclusive charging network between North America and Canada.

Amazon electric delivery van

Rivian, in February 2019, entered into a contract with Amazon, Inc. Rivian entered into a commercial partnership with Amazon’s Logistics division in February 2019 to produce electric vehicles. Initial plans had suggested that the first delivery would be in 2021. As of September 2019, Amazon’s Logistics division is expected to have approximately 10,000 electric delivery vehicles in operation by 2022. However, they did not expect to receive all the Rivian vans requested in the contract until 2030. Amazon plans to convert its delivery fleet entirely to renewable energy by 2030. Rivian has been part of the Amazon collaboration.

In the early 2021s, a prototype for Amazon’s electric delivery van was tested along public roads. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Francisco were the first to begin testing. In the future, tests will be conducted in Denver. By July 2021, testing had already begun in Oklahoma (and Michigan). Rivian was contracted with Amazon to deliver 100,000 electric delivery vehicles eventually. Amazon will also source electric vans or three-wheelers from various OEMs like Stellates Group, Mercedes-Benz Group, and Mahindra.

The deployment of electric delivery vehicles began in nine U.S. metropolitan areas in July 2022.

EV Charging of Rivian Electric Vehicles

Rivian made bold plans in March 2021 and stated it would build a network of public charging points across the United States by 2023. Similar to Tesla, Rivian plans offer a combination of fast chargers with slower destination chargers. Also, they will sell home charging devices. 600 Rivian-exclusive Adventure Network stations are expected to be part of the charging network. These chargers will be located at high-traffic locations and consist of 3,500 DC fast charges. Initial charging speed of 200 kW. Later, the goal is for 300 kW.

The company plans to install 10,000 destination charges (Level 2, 11.5kW) at retail, lodging, and dining locations. Waypoint charging is compatible with all electric vehicles equipped with a connector J1772. Rivian intended to install two Rivian Charge point chargers in Colorado State Parks and other state recreation areas beginning July 2021. Although none of the chargers had been installed by October, the contract was still processed in the state government bureaucracy. The first installations were expected in early 2022. In September 2021, the first Waypoint 11.5kW chargers near Moab were installed.

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Rivian R1S All About

Rivian R1S – An all-electric SUV for those who lead active lifestyles. It is an SUV variant of the R1T. The R1S offers exceptional off-road performance and up three rows of seats, much like its truck counterpart. Rivian R1S uses a skateboard structure to support the battery. That places the SUV’s center of gravity below the passenger compartments. For better off-road performance, Rivian R1S boasts 14.5 inches of ground clearance. It is identical to its truck-related sibling. Rivian stated that the R1S should reach 60 mph within 3.0 seconds.

Rivian R1S’s driving range is more than 300 miles. The starting price starts at mid-$70,000.

What we think

Rivian R1S SUV from EV Brand is the EV’s follow-up. It is as quiet and competent as the R1T but shorter due to a trimmed wheelbase and has enclosed cargo space. The R1S’s rectangular body factor allows for more third-row headroom than the Tesla Model X. Also, the SUV has a cabin that is as simple as the truck but just as high-end and tech-filled.

Rivian Ute’s cross-linked suspension gives you a smooth and level ride. It can accelerate from a standstill to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds, much like the R1T. The pickup is slightly more agile, but the vehicle comes with all-terrain 20-inch tires. That makes the vehicle noisier and provides less comfort than the R1S. The R1S is currently the market leader when it comes to electric SUVs. However, the R1T will soon be the dominant electric vehicle. For the moment, the R1S leads the three-row luxury SUV market.

Performance and Range

In 2022, Rivian R1S batteries will be available in three sizes: 105-, 135 -, and 180 kWh. Every R1S wheel is equipped with an electronic motor, just like in the R1T. Depending on your choice of battery size, the R1S produces up to 800 horsepower. The EPA-rated range on the launch model is 316 m or 69 mfg. Rivian estimates that each model will get between 240 and 400 miles on a single charge, depending upon the battery. Rivian claims, however, that the seven-seat arrangement doesn’t offer the largest batteries.

When accelerated the 835 horsepower 2022 Rivian RC1S Launch Edition AWD to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds on an all-season tire during the Test. The 135 kWh battery was also included in this vehicle. The time is faster than the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat AWD with extended-range batteries, which took 3.8 seconds to complete the distance.

Cargo Room Towing, Capacity

The 2022 Rivian R1S can pull a maximum load of 7,700 lbs., which is 3,300 fewer than the R1T. A feature shared with R1T trucks and the R1S SUV boasts an additional 11.0 cubes of cargo space. The R1S three-row SUV has 7.1 cubic ft. of cargo space when all the seats are correctly positioned. The Rivian R1S’s back tub can hold an additional 6.4 cubist of cargo if you remove the spare.


Two displays can be found in the cabin of the 2022 Rivian R1S, which is similar to the R1T. The cabin’s 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster replaces analog instruments. The dash’s large 15,3-inch touchscreen manages media and navigation. Second-row passengers can adjust their climate control via the touchscreen at the back. It’s even better: You can take out the back speakers so you can continue to play music while at the beach.

The R1S, based on experts’ experience with the R1T, should be a capable vehicle. The R1T covered more than 5,000 km of the Trans-America Trail, including Nags Head, North Carolina, and Port Oxford, Oregon. The truck’s off-road abilities were showcased as few roads encountered on the journey were paved.

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2022 Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T Specialist’s Review

Rivian has created the R1T as part of their new brand to produce adventure-oriented utility vans with strong electric powertrains. They also offer a great range on a single charging charge. The 2022 Rivian R1T features a skateboard platform as its base. That allows the battery to be placed under the passenger area, keeping the center of gravity down. At 14.5 inches, the ground clearance allows for plenty of space.

Rivian’s R1T pricing will start at $70,000, including incentives. Launch Edition trucks should arrive in September 2021. However, other variants will be arriving in January 2022.

What to Believe

This truck is the expert’s favorite. The First Drive review referred to it as “the most amazing pickup truck we’ve ever seen.” It is comfortable on the roads, it handles quickly, and it can navigate tricky roads. If you venture off the beaten route, it can handle obstacles that might give the Jeep Wrangler pause. And it does it silently and quietly. Rivian has a four-motor 4WD system that delivers power precisely where it’s needed. There are no crawler gears, differentials, or anti-roll bars to unlock. You can drive this truck with excellent visibility.

The R1 T’s spacious cargo space and supportive front seats were praised inside the cabin. However, it is less comfortable in the cramped back seats. Although we liked the sharp graphics displayed on the central touchscreen, it was challenging to learn the system. The pre-production truck our tester was testing was not yet in production, so we are not sure if this will change.

After having driven the Rivian R1T, we know this is the electric vehicle of the future. No other truck can match the combination of its on-road agility and off-road prowess.

Rivian R1T: The 2022 Motor Trend Truck of the year

This year’s 2022 Truck of Year competition featured a few new entries. It was an impressive group, including the Ford Maverick, GMC Hummer EV Pickup Pickup, and Hyundai Santa Cruz, that made it to the finalist stage. Rivian R1T won our hearts with its stunning performance. Rivian has reshaped the expectations of both the market and the industry by rethinking how pickup trucks are built, powered, driven, and used. But, the R1T goes beyond intellectual pursuits. It is a solid truck that is used according to traditional standards.

Our Historic Transcontinental Trip through the Rivian R1T

When we had the opportunity of driving the first modern electric pickup trucks on the market, we knew it wouldn’t be enough to drive one. We took the Rivian R1T along on a historical 5,000-plus-mile trip across the Trans-America Trail to Port Orford and Nags Head, North Carolina. It would be the most extensive electric off-road transcontinental journey ever.

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Comparable to Ford F-150 Lightning

Motor Trend’s F-150 Lightning Lightning and Rivian were compared. The Rivian performs better off-road, but the Ford Lightning is far more practical, has better driver-assist tech, faster charging, and offers more storage.

Performance and Range of Rivian Electric Vehicles

Three battery sizes will be available: 105-1, 135+, and 180 kWh. The range for the (late availability) smallest battery is expected to start at 230 mi, 314 mi for the medium-sized, and over 400 miles for larger batteries.

The truck features four electric motors. There is one for each wheel. Rivian tested the medium-sized batteries and produced 835 horsepower and 908 lo-fi torque. Rivian claims that the truck can sprint between 0-60 miles per hour in 3.0 seconds. Our testing, however, revealed that it could only run for 3.1 seconds. Still, this makes it one of the fastest trucks we’ve ever tested.

Cargo Rooms, Towing, & Capability

The 2022 Rivian R1T comes with an 11.0-foot front truck, known as a “frunk,” and can hold a surprising quantity of gear. As noted in our frunk reviews, we could store three duffel bags and a bag full of snacks about the same size as large backpacks. For additional items, there is a large storage bin underneath the floor. The frunk has a power-operated mechanism, which allows it to be opened and closed by the infotainment screen.

The R1T has more. Between the bed of the R1T and the passenger compartment is an 11.6-foot storage channel. This storage tunnel allowed us to fit quite a lot of gear. We were able, for example, to carry a couple of duffel bags as well as a couple of suitcases of carry-on sizes, a backpack, and our briefcase. The spare tire hole doubles as an in-bed trunk with a 7.0-cubic-foot capacity.

When adequately equipped, R1T can tow a maximum of 11,000 pounds and a maximum payload weight of 1,760 pounds. Accessory racks can be attached to the bed cover and an in-bed tent. The R1T offers additional flexibility. All Rivians come with an air compressor onboard, making it easier to blow down or back up while off-roading.

Technology in Rivian Electric Vehicles

Two massive displays dominate the 2022 Rivian R1 T’s dash. A 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster replaces the older analog gauges. The large 15.6 inches touchscreen handles infotainment controls, climate controls, navigation, and other functions. There’s a 6.8-inch display on the back of your center console in the rear seat. A rechargeable flashlight is hidden under the driver’s doors, a wireless charging plate and a portable Bluetooth speaker. If you dig deeper enough, you’ll find a secret-service model.

Trim Levels of Rivian Electric Vehicles

Rivian offers three trims for the R1T. Reservations are currently full for the Launch Edition. This edition is based in part on the Adventure Package.

Explore Package: medium-sized battery standard, vegan skin, heated seats, and lumbar driver adjustment.

Adventure package: power cover, Rivian Elevation stereo system by Meridian. Natural-grain ash wood interior finishes. Perforated skin, ventilated seats. Yellow interior accents. Passenger adjuster.

Launch Version: Special Green Paint Option. Choose from 20-inch all Terrain or 22″ sport wheels. The Launch Edition interior badges are also available.

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