DeLorean Alpha 5 An Electric Car with Back-to-the-Future Vibes

Experience the allure of the DeLorean Alpha 5, an electric car that combines performance and nostalgia. With its iconic gull-wing doors and sleek design, the Alpha 5 aims to revive the legendary DeLorean brand and pave the way for future electric models. Get a glimpse into this exciting new release with fresh details and captivating images.

Unveiling the DeLorean Alpha 5: The Return of a Classic

Monterey Car Week: A Highly Anticipated Showcase

DeLorean is building anticipation for the Alpha 5’s grand debut at Monterey Car Week. The event promises to showcase the gull-winged, two-door frame reminiscent of the beloved “Back to the Future” trilogy. However, the DeLorean Alpha 5 electric car introduces a modern twist with its curvier silhouette and spacious interior, accommodating up to four passengers.

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Pioneering the Electric Performance Experience

DeLorean’s Electrification Vision

While details regarding the revival of the DeLorean brand and the production plans for the Alpha 5 electric car remain undisclosed, DeLorean’s CEO, Joost de Vries, is expected to shed light on the company’s electrification ambitions at the Electrify Expo EV festival in Long Beach, California.

Impressive Performance Figures

Experience the extraordinary performance of the DeLorean Alpha 5 sports electric car, a remarkable electric vehicle that sets new standards in exhilaration. With its lightning-fast acceleration, going from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds, and an impressive top speed of 155 mph, the Alpha 5 truly shines as a high-performance masterpiece. Equipped with a robust 100kWh battery, this cutting-edge car delivers a remarkable range of over 300 miles on a single charge, providing you with the freedom to explore without limits. Prepare to be captivated by the seamless blend of power and efficiency that defines the Alpha 5 sports car.

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A Journey Through DeLorean’s Legacy

From Time Travel to Electric Power

The original DeLorean Motor Company, famous for the iconic time-traveling DMC-12 featured in the “Back to the Future” franchise, was established in 1975 by John DeLorean. After its closure in 1982, a Texas-based DeLorean restorer acquired the brand rights in 1995, focusing on electric vehicle development.

Collaboration with Italdesign

The Alpha 5’s design, inspired by the original DMC-12, is a result of collaboration with Italdesign, the renowned automotive design firm. The released images highlight the inclusion of infotainment screens and a frunk (front trunk) while staying true to the iconic gull-wing doors. Notably, the flux capacitor is absent in this iteration.

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Advanced Technology and Features

The Alpha 5 is expected to incorporate a mix of advanced driver assistance systems and human control. While specific features are yet to be revealed, the vehicle promises a seamless blend of artificial support and driver interaction.


Experience the thrilling combination of cutting-edge design, powerful performance, and nostalgic charm with the DeLorean Alpha 5. Get ready for its highly anticipated premiere at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August. Where exciting details about pricing, launch dates, and production plans will be unveiled. The DeLorean brand is gearing up for an electrifying future that will captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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