Bollinger B1 EV – The ultimate off-road electric SUV

Bollinger B1 is a fully-electric SUV designed for off-road adventures. The B1 offers a rugged design with impressive performance. It also has sustainable features. The Bollinger B1 EV is a vehicle that you should know everything about.


Bollinger B1 features a utilitarian, boxy design reminiscent of vintage off-road vehicles. It can comfortably seat four passengers in its spacious cabin, which has ample legroom and headroom for each of the seats. The vehicle’s large cargo space allows it to carry heavy items, such as bicycles, camping equipment, or construction material.


Bollinger B1 is a powerful off-road vehicle with impressive performance. It can cover up to a 200-mile range on one charge. This is possible thanks to the dual-motor, all-wheel drive system that delivers 614 hp and 668lb-ft. The B1 comes with an adjustable air-suspension system, allowing it to easily handle rough terrain.

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Bollinger B1 – a vehicle powered exclusively by electricity. It is equipped with a large battery that can be recharged using either a standard 110v outlet, 220-volt outlet, or DC fast charger. The vehicle has regenerative braking which allows energy to be recovered by braking. This energy is then fed back into the batteries.

The B1 was also designed as a recyclable vehicle, with a body constructed from aluminum and composite plastics that are easily disassembled. The interior of the vehicle is also environmentally friendly, with seats made out of vegan materials like recycled polyester and foam.


Bollinger B1 features advanced technology for safety and convenience. The Bollinger B1 features a large touch screen that controls the entire vehicle, from the entertainment system to the climate control. The B1 comes with a variety of advanced driving assistance systems, including adaptive cruise controls and lane-departure warnings.

The B1 is also equipped with a unique “pass-through” design which allows you to store longer items inside, like skis and surfboards. The rear window, tailgate, and roof can all be removed to enjoy an open-air experience.

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Bollinger B1 Electric SUV is an off-road vehicle that is durable and environmentally friendly. The B1’s impressive range and powerful performance combined with advanced technology make it an excellent choice for any driver looking for a reliable vehicle that can handle rough terrain. Bollinger B1s are leading the charge in the future of sustainable transport as electric cars become more popular. Bollinger B1 will not disappoint you, regardless of whether you’re an off-road enthusiast who enjoys a weekend adventure or someone more serious.

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