2022 Best Electric Car Companies Available In Market

Knowing which models and brands are trusted and well-respected can help you decide when shopping for an electric vehicle. These are the top 10 best Electric Car Companies to watch this year.


The Volkswagen Group’s most accessible luxury brand, Audi, one of the best electric car companies, rides VW’s Diesel gate shame coattails. It has received a $42Billion investment over five years. During which manufacturers will launch 70 all-electric vehicles across all brands of the German automaker by 2030.


  • 2021 Audi E-Tron SUV
  • 2021 Audi E-Tron Sportback


  • 2022 Audi E-Tron GT
  • 2022 Audi E-Tron GT RS
  • 2022.5 Audi Q5 E-Tron SUV


BMW is a German luxury car manufacturer. The manufacturer has recently introduced the i4/iX large SUVs after a significant entry into the electric car market with the BMW i3 in 2014.

J.D. Power ranked BMW #15 among 33 car brands. J.D. Power placed BMW #15 in its annual dependability survey. Although some brands did better (Kia came in #1), it is still one of the best electric car companies with an excellent rating and better than the average car manufacturer.

BMW is a well-known car manufacturer. However, certain key features may be a hindrance to other automotive companies. Some of these aren’t applicable for EVs (e.g., Oil leaks are not an issue with EVs, but they could still be a problem for owners.

Electrical problems. Many BMWs have electrical problems, especially with power windows or certain monitoring systems.

Steering wheels. Some models vibrate when you brake. That is a common problem with thrush arms bushings. It doesn’t necessarily happen with age or mileage.

However, its first major entry, the i3, remains strong. This rear-wheel-drive hatchback has a unique rear-hinged rear door and is well-known for its futuristic styling. Although it may not have the same range of power as other EVs, many drivers feel it is a light, agile vehicle that’s well-suited to city driving. The range between charges has increased as the Model has improved. A new i3 will cost around $40,000, but older models can be found as low as USD 15,000.

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General Motors’ Chevrolet division sells a variety of vehicles around the world. The Chevrolet Bolt is Chevy’s first attempt to enter the all-electric car market.

Chevrolet, based in the United States of America, has been around for over 100 years. It has been a prominent name in automotive history for over 100 years. These are the reasons Chevrolet is one of the best electric car companies in the world.

Multiple awards. Chevrolet won many awards over the years. It is a testament to its ability to keep pace with other manufacturers (EVs and otherwise) developing new technology.

Chevrolet has had a major problem with the Bolt’s battery. They could catch fire if not charged at their full potential. A software update temporarily fixed the issue, but the permanent solution is still being negotiated.

Air conditioning. An AC system malfunctioning can blow warm air on certain models or even stop working completely. That is usually a minor issue compared to problems with combustible batteries, but it can be not very pleasant for many owners.


Ford is an American classic car one of the best electric car companies with many vehicles available worldwide, including pickup trucks and plug-in hybrids. This EV truck has a minimum range of 230 miles. Add-ons can extend that range by 100 miles. Ford has filed patents to allow for an optional range extender that can add on at additional charges.

Since 1903, Ford has been one of the most well-known and best electric car companies in automobile manufacturing. It’s still a household name, with iconic names like the F-150 truck or Mustang sports car. You can also find other things to admire.

Price point. Many drivers agree that you can get more for your money with a Ford. Ford owners are pleased with the number of amenities they receive for a lower price than other manufacturers.

Fords have their drawbacks. However, they are not as bad as other EVs.

Reliability. Ford repeatedly has been criticized for its lack of reliability over time. Even though this does not apply to EVs with no combustion engine, some Ford owners still hesitate to invest in a Ford product.

Recalls. Ford was forced to recall millions of models in 1996 due to a defective ignition switch. This recall came after a 1980s powertrain recall that affected approximately 21 million cars.

The Ford Focus Electric was Ford’s first attempt at producing EVs. However, the company has added electric options to the Mustang, one of its most beloved models. The Mach-E is an electric model that lacks a front grille but features the mustang horse on the front. Ford also offers the F-150 Lightning Lightning and E-Transit vans and the Mach-E.

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GMC Hummer EV trucks and SUVs have been making a lot of noise lately. They boast incredible horsepower numbers (1,000 for the truck and 830 for SUV) and an excellent 11,500 lb-ft torque. (It’s closer to 1,045). These trucks are the pinnacle of GM’s BEV3 platform and Ultium powertrain. They are expected to be a standard for all brands. Soon:

  • 2022 GMC Hummer Electric Vehicle Pickup
  • 2024 GMC Hummer Electric Vehicle (expected to be in the middle of 2023).


Hyundai Motors is a South Korean one of the best electric car companies. It is the largest producer of commercial cars in the world. This Car’s Model is called Kona electric.

Hyundai Kona, a subcompact hybrid SUV with five entryways, is made by South Korean manufacturer Hyundai. The Kona was first introduced in June 2017. The Kona Electric, or Kona EV, was propelled for the first time in South Korea in June 2017. It was then produced in South Korea’s top half of 2018.

The 2019 North American International Auto Show, Detroit, saw both electric and non-electric versions of the Kona EV be named the winners of the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year 2019. That was the first time that a subcompact hybrid SUV had been awarded in quite some time. The Kona EV can travel 415 km (258 miles). What car conducted range tests in mid-2019 and found that the Kona Electric has the highest true range of all-electric vehicles.


Kia, a South Korean auto company, has become a reliable and affordable competitor to Honda and Toyota. The Kia Niro, the one of the best electric car and also most well-known EV of this brand in the United States, will have sales exceeding 26k by 2021.

These cars are affordable, and one of the best electric car companies for making EV’s.

Price point. Many people consider the affordability of Kia cars to be an incentive to buy this brand. The same applies to electric vehicles. For example, the Kona Electric has a starting cost of less than $35,000 and a range that is 258 miles.

Warranty. Kia’s warranty is superior to other EV manufacturers. Warranty coverage includes bumper-to-bumper coverage and battery replacement.

Kia is a great economical choice. However, there are ways in which Kia can improve its customer base and retain loyal customers. These are some areas where Kia could make improvements.

Interior design. The design is not perfect, which is a common complaint among Niro drivers. It is uncomfortable and has a strange dashboard arrangement that makes it difficult for some customers to feel at ease.

Handling. Handling. That is an annoying feature for mountain residents, as the vehicle’s body will lean more than a gasoline-powered car.

Slow charging. Some EVs made by Kia can be charged in hours using a 100-kW CCS charger. However, it can take nine hours for Level 2 connections.

The Kia Soul EV was discontinued. However, American customers still have the EV6 or Niro. Both EVs can be described as midsize SUVs that offer a wide range and a great suite of features. The EV6 can travel more than 300 miles on a single battery, while the Niro can go 240 miles.

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The Nissan Leaf is the flagship electric vehicle of Nissan, which is headquartered in Japan. The Leaf is one of the most loved electric cars in the world. It offers all the advantages of driving electric while remaining affordable.

Nissan has been a strong company in the automotive sector for almost 100 years. These are just a few features that keep Nissan owners returning to Nissan for their driving needs.

Price. The Nissan Leaf has been one of the most affordable EVs available for many years. The 2022 Nissan Leaf starts from $27,400

Nissan, like all auto companies, has areas that can improve. However, there may be some issues that can also apply to electric vehicles.

Backup camera. Nissan issued a huge recall a few years back due to a problem with the backup cameras on certain Nissan models. This error violated federal safety standards in the United States and necessitated the recall.

Automatic Emergency Braking System. Nissan owners have reported problems with emergency braking. The AEB system would not activate properly.

Nissan’s first fully electric car, the LEAF, was unveiled in 2011. The 2023 Ariya will be Nissan’s second fully electric Model. They are more affordable than cars manufactured by other electric vehicle companies and offer the same quality as other Nissan models.


Tesla, Elon Musk’s innovative technology company, is well-known for its high-quality vehicles and innovative features. The Model Y is Tesla’s most-loved vehicle. That was followed by the Model 3, and finally, the Model S. Tesla’s vehicles are a great balance between affordability and long-range.

The Model S, Tesla’s luxurious sedan, was the most highly-rated vehicle tested by Consumer Reports at the time. The Model X, Tesla’s electric SUV, features falcon-wing doors and room for seven people. It also has a range of almost 300 miles per charge. For those who don’t want to spend the premium Model S price, the Model 3 sedan is an affordable option.

Despite Tesla’s reputation for making the best EVs available, there are still areas where the company needs to improve. These are some of the most common complaints that Tesla drivers have about the brand.

Noise levels. Some Tesla owners have complained about the noise from the road at higher speeds. Owners can expect minimal to no road noise at an average cost of USD 80,000.

Autosteer. This feature is a selling point for many drivers, but it has also been controversial. Autosteer automatically steers in marked lanes when engaged. Tesla quickly points out that today’s passenger vehicles are not capable of self-driving. However, this driver-assistance software has been implicated in several high-profile crashes.

Customer service. It is a problem that has plagued the Tesla brand for years. Tesla’s service is not satisfactory for less than half of its drivers. It has been a problem for Tesla year after year. There are long wait times for cars — the estimated delivery time for a Model X/Model Y is 2023 — and a general lack of satisfaction with how their complaints are dealt with.

The current and future lineups of Tesla include:

  • S Model
  • 3 Model
  • X Model
  • Y Model
  • Cybertruck (not released yet)
  • Tesla Semi (not released yet)

The Tesla Model X electric SUV features falcon-wing doors and room for seven people. It also has a range of almost 300 miles per charge. For those who don’t want to spend the premium Model S luxury sedan, the Model 3 is an affordable sedan option.


Volkswagen is a German automaker best known for its VW Beetle. There are many EVs available, including the ID. The ID.4 is a relatively inexpensive EV and averages about 97 MPGe, with approximately 260 miles between charges.

Volkswagens are a popular car and with good reason. Many Volkswagen owners are loyal year after year, not only because they love the VW Beetle but also because of all the quality features offered by the manufacturer. The ID.4 stands out among other EVs regarding safety features and space.

Volkswagen is just as famous for its less-pleasing attributes as its more positive ones. These are the top complaints from customers and drivers about Volkswagen.

Requires little maintenance. It is not easy to find qualified personnel to repair these cars. Owners need to ensure that mechanics have the necessary training to repair the German-made automobile.

Trust. This scandal affected combustion-engine cars. However, Volkswagen admitted in 2015 that it had cheated on U.S. diesel engine testing. This scandal caused a loss of trust among brand loyalists.

Faulty Front Assist. Designed to prevent front-end collisions and injuries, many drivers have had to deal with malfunctions that suddenly caused their cars to stop due to an unspecified threat.

Although the e-Golf was the first mass-produced Volkswagen electric car, it wasn’t the first electric vehicle that Volkswagen made. The Elektro-Bus was its first electric vehicle in 1972. Many Golf car models followed it through the 80s and 90s. It currently has the ID.4, ID.5, and many other models. Porsche, a subsidiary of the company, has a selection of EV models available.

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