All About Lucid Air Dream Edition Electric Car 2022-2023

Lucid Motors is the manufacturer and marketer of the battery electric vehicle, The Lucid Air. It was launched in December 2016, and it competes with the existing brands in the electric car (EV) market, notably the Tesla Model S. The EPA range of Dream Edition EPA is estimated at 520 miles (840 km). Lucid began production in the latter part of 2021.

Lucid Air Pure’s 406 miles (653 km) projected range and 480 horsepower (360kW) start at US$77,000.400.

There were four trim levels to choose from Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, and Dream Edition. Lucid Motors declared that production had begun. They announced that Lucid Air Dream Editions would be available for delivery in late October 2021. Base Pure models will follow in late 2022. Delivery began on October 30, 2021, with the first Air Dream Editions delivered to those who had made reservations at an event held in California.

The history of the electric car with lucid Air

The Lucid Air was designed in the 2010s. It was shown to the public as a prototype in 2016 and then the production version in September 2020. Production is planned for 2021. Lucid entered a partnership arrangement with Samsung SDI on December 2, 2016.

This deal was for battery procurement. Lucid Motors built a prototype of its electric powertrain, the Air, using batteries from Ativan.

The electric-powered delivery vehicle was known as “Edna.” It featured two gearboxes with motors producing more than 900 hp (671kW) and a battery pack capable of storing 87kWh of power. Air combined Edna’s all-wheel drive with other physical and software upgrades to enable it to reach a 0-60mph time of 2.74 seconds (97 km/h).

It also achieved quarter-mile speeds of 11.3 seconds. Lucid Motors stated that Edna was used to assessing its powertrain’s performance and real-world functionality. That included motor control algorithms, regenerative braking behaviors, pedal feel, and cooling strategies.

Lucid Motors reached a US$1B investment agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund in 2018 to help finance Air’s production. Following the completion of the Lucid factory, Casa Grande in Arizona, production was set to start in late 2020. The total investment in the factory is expected to reach US$675,000,000 by 2025 after all phases have been completed. That includes a US$168 million equipment investment and US$82 million in property acquisition.

The Air was pre-ordered in the USA and Canada by May 2019. Plans are also being made to expand to China. In an interview, Peter Rawlinson, CEO, stated that China would be a significant market for Lucid Motors due to its intense usage patterns. The Air is the best suited for this.

Rawlinson said that the US$100,000 + vehicle could be seen to be the first step of a larger vision. The goal is to have energy efficiency combined with a universal fast charging network to negate the need for larger batteries. Rawlinson indicated that Lucid Motors would improve energy efficiency to 5m (8 km/kWh) instead of the industry average (3 mi/5 km/kWh). Rawlinson explained that the cost of batteries is expected to fall to US$100/kWh in the next decade. He believes Lucid Motors will be able to make a luxury EV for less than US$30,000.

Lucid Motors declared that they expect the Lucid Air to be “the best aerodynamically efficient luxury car in the world when it goes into production” on June 30, 2020.

“The company established a new benchmark in aerodynamic efficiency of its luxury electric cars tests at Wind Shear’s advanced rolling road wind tunnel recently confirmed that there was a coefficient of drag (or 0.21)

Lucid Motors announced raising its premium Air sedan prices on May 5, 2022. It will do so beginning June 1. These price increases would cause the Air sedan to go up in base price by as high as 13%.

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What’s New in 2023?

Lucid added a Stealth Look package to the Air’s options sheet in 2023. The package costs $6000 and swaps the Air’s exterior bright work with dark grey alternatives. Also, the car’s 20 or 21-inch high polished wheels are replaced by black ones. Except for the base Pure trim, Air can have this blacked-out look on all trims.

A Sapphire performance model also offers more than 1200 HP and boasts a powerful three-motor drivetrain.

We recommend the Touring trim. It is much more versatile than the Grand Touring trim and offers much value. The Touring features 20-inch wheels and leather upholstery. In-dash navigation provides 406 miles of driving range.

All Lucid models are standard with free three-year charging via the Electrify America charging infrastructure. The Dream Edition’s most extravagant models are sold out. However, the Grand Touring trim offers much more luxury and less cost than the Dream. Lucid increased Air’s pricing mid-way through the 2022 model year. Orders placed after June 1, 2022, will apply the pricing listed above.

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EV Motor: Power and Performance

Air’s entry-level model features a single electric motor that drives both the rear wheels and generates 480 horsepower. Other models come with dual electric motors, which offer all-wheel driving and a range in horsepower ratings.

For example, the Touring model makes 620 horsepower, while the Grand Touring produces 1050HP. The Dream Edition Performance had respective 933 horsepower (911 horsepower) and 1111 HP (1111 horsepower). Now that we have driven the Dream Edition, it is speedy and surprisingly agile for its weight.

This EV reached 60 mph in 2.6 seconds when tested on the track. The Smooth drive mode was quiet and comfortable, even though the sedan used conventional steel coil springs over air springs. The main issue was with the 21-inch wheels fitted with low-profile performance tires. These produced a significant amount of road noise on a stretch of gravel. While testing the Grand Touring Performance, the latter delivered a fast 3.0 seconds zero-to-60 mph time. Lucid Air can easily duplicate this feat using the car’s launch mode. The Lucid Air Sapphire, a 1220-plus-horsepower vehicle with three electric motors, is now the new leader.

The additional motor is located at the rear and claims to give insane acceleration performance to compete against the Tesla Model S Plaid. Lucid claims a top speed exceeding 200 mph.

Lucid Air Range, Charging, and Battery Life

According to EPA estimates, Air has the longest-range electric car on the market. The Dream Edition Range model should travel approximately 520 miles, while the Dream Edition Performance model should travel about 471. The Pure base trim and the mid-range Touring trims have an estimated 406 to 60 miles range.

However, the Grand Touring Performance and Grand Touring models provide up to 516 to 446 miles, respectively. On a 75-mph highway fuel consumption route, It observed the Grand Touring’s range at 410 miles. It is the longest-range electric car that has ever been tested. The Air has a 12.0-kWh battery pack and DC fast charging capability.

The sedan can recoup the 300-mile range in less than 21 minutes when connected to a fast charging station. All new owners will get three years of free, fast charging at Electrify America charging stations. There is no limit on EVs to how often owners may charge their cars as long as the car is used only for personal, not commercial purposes.

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Lucid Air: Design and interior

Lucid Air’s aerodynamic design was a key focus. The Lucid claims it has the best drag coefficient at 0.21, making it one of the most aerodynamic cars worldwide. It was reportedly inspired by an aircraft’s design, which features sleek lines and a fluid shape. The body of the Lucid Air car has been fitted with all the necessary autonomous sensors.

The interior of Lucid Air has a lot to offer. However, it is designed for luxury. Lucid Air’s most prominent feature is its transparent canopy roof. It offers a stunning view of the outside and a small-sized powertrain that provides incredible space.

You have many interior options, depending on what Lucid Air model, but you can also choose full grain leather or a leather alternative in various colors. Lucid has promised that the future will offer fully-reclining rear chairs and massaging seating.

You have all the standard infotainment options available for almost every electric vehicle on the roads. The 34-inch 5L is a floating screen display driving details and navigation media. You can also retract the digital gauge cluster into your dashboard.

Lucid Air models may also come with ‘Surreal Audio,’ Lucid Air’s immersive stereo system. It features 21 speakers distributed throughout the cabin. These are designed to give directional sounds in a ‘concert sound’ and offer Dolby Amos support. Let’s only hope that all your content is streaming at a suitable quality.

The Lucid Air has plenty of storage. There are 456 liters/16 square feet of space in the back and 202 liters/7 square feet in the Front. It’s a sedan, so you won’t be able to load in SUV-level storage. You can still fit groceries and other things in there, even though it is smaller than the Tesla Model S’s 804 and 150 liters. You can adjust the back seats to allow for larger items.

Lucid Air: Autonomous driving

The Dream Drive technology is the most important in the Lucid Air. Dream Drive allows the car’s semi-autonomous driver aid system to handle some of the most difficult driving tasks.

Lucid claims Dream Drive offers the most advanced and comprehensive driver assistance system in an EV. It has 32 sensors to view the world around it. These sensors include LiDAR and ultrasonic.

Lucid hopes to make Dream Drive an autonomous level 3 system in the next three years. However, we don’t know the details of what features they will offer. While level 3 won’t eliminate the need for someone to sit in the driver’s seat, it will make it possible for them to keep their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes on the road at times.

This system will be very similar to GM’s Super Cruise feature. It uses a combination of sensors, an in-car monitor, and high-definition maps. However, it will lock the system to stop anyone from using it in situations where level 3 autonomy doesn’t exist.

Dream Drive, at launch, will remain a Level 2 autonomous system. A later update to the firmware will allow for Level 3 capabilities. Another level 2 systems are adaptive cruise control (lane keeping), lane change assistance, and lane keeping. The company has not revealed the exact capabilities of the Lucid Air.

Lucid’s three-year-old promise of a fully self-driving automobile is still being fulfilled, but it shows that we are moving closer.

Lucid Air outlook

Even though it’s expensive, the Lucid Air offers much more than the Dream model and Grand Touring. It offers a wide range and solid performance and promises better semi-autonomous driving options than any other competitor.

Lucid provides all this while treating passengers and drivers alike with luxury. Lucid offers a luxury experience, with massaging seats and a comfortable car. Let’s only hope Lucid can live up to our expectations. It looks like an ambitious vehicle. Stay tuned for our full Lucid Air test ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the charge port type in the Lucid Air Dream Edition?

The European version was introduced in 2008. CCS|Type2 charge port. The US version was a modified version. CCS|Type1 charge port.

Where can I charge Lucid Air Dream Edition?

Firstly, you can charge it at home—a regular socket. Secondly, you can charge it at any time AC charging station. Use the appropriate charging cord.

What is your Lucid Air Dream Edition’s onboard charging capacity?

The onboard charging port of the car can charge it up. You can get up to 19.2kW.

How long does the Lucid Air Dream Edition take to charge fully?

· Charging it from a regular NEMA5-15 socket will take 72h 50 min (charging rate 0mph). It will take 17h 04min to charge it (charging rate 0mph) fully; The car’s battery will be able to take a 300kW charge if it is charged at a Tesla Supercharger. You can lower the average charging speed to prolong the car’s battery life. A few stations may not be able to produce this much power. You should be able to charge your Lucid Air Dream Edition at 0-100% using it. That will take 59 minutes.

We recommend the use of the EV Compare charging calculator. Calculate the charging time for an electric vehicle and its cost.

What is the cargo allowance of the Lucid Air Dream Edition?

The vehicle’s total cargo volume, including the seats folded, is 32 ft3.

What powertrain is the Lucid Air Dream Edition equipped with?

The vehicle has a 118 kWh traction battery, which powers Two electric motors on the Front and rear axles. The motors produce a combined output power of 1080 hp/805 kW Power and N/A lb-ft The torque. That allows the car hit 0-60mph in 2.5. Aim for a speed of 168 mph.

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