7-seater electric vehicles available on the marketplace 2023

There are many options for electric vehicles (EVs). Although SUVs are becoming more popular, they still only have five seats. It seems like it took only minutes considering that even our complete article on “best electric vehicles” gives only a partial overview of some vehicles. A vast range of electric cars is available on the market with 7-seater electric vehicles, which is why the EV industry is booming.

It is essential to be specific when deciding which EVs you should focus on. In this instance, we will be focusing on seven-seater EVs. Some of these vehicles are minivans, and others are SUVs. There are also sedans for children with rear-facing chairs.

What are you looking for in a 7-seater electric SUV vehicles?

1. Powertrain

The powertrain must be capable of transporting seven people. Your powertrain is, however, the most important. Gas is the only thing required to operate an electric vehicle. The lithium-ion storage battery stores all of the energy. If the battery goes low, it will need to be charged.

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) combine an electric engine with a gas motor and offer the best. You cannot charge it at stations. The model’s fuel economy is likely to be lower than that of other models.

Between them lies the plug-in hybrid (PHEV). The Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) can be filled with gasoline but can also charge the battery. These hybrids can be more costly than the standard ones. They are also more expensive than regular hybrids. However, they allow you to save fuel. These ranges won’t be as impressive if powered by an All-electric Engine.

2. Range/Charging

The powertrain is crucial, but the battery specs also matter. The battery’s capacity, as well as its size, will impact how far you are capable of going per charge. Model S Long Range offers the most extended range and has a rating of 405 miles per battery. This particular model isn’t available with seven-seat options. Tesla is the ideal choice for those looking for a long-range vehicle with many seats.

It would be best if you also considered how quickly your charger charges. Some EVs can also be charged using a fast-charging charger in less than 30 minutes. However, it is up to the user to determine which charger they need and how big the battery should be.

3. Features

Once you have decided on the powertrain/battery you prefer, you can start choosing the features. Comfort should be first. Technology should come next. You will need a large touchscreen with plenty of smartphone connectivity and a map system to navigate the streets.

Your vehicle’s overall system must contain safety equipment. While EVs or hybrids are generally well-equipped today with the most recent technologies, some systems can be more expensive. You can find systems that assist you on the highways, maintain safe speeds and provide additional guidance as you park.

Before you start car shopping, it is vital to make a checklist. This list will help determine what is most important. You can then personalize your new EV/hybrid accordingly. Better yet, you could look for a used model with all the features and a lower price.

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A seven-seat Executive Van for larger families with multiple children is the best option.

You want an electric car for your next vehicle. Our list of top electric cars has been helpful. But do you need more? Perhaps seven people are needed by your family. However, electric cars can seat more people than your 5-seater. We have reviewed seven top 7-seater electric vehicles (EVs), so you don’t have.

Tesla Model X

Model X is a car that mixes contrasts. The Model X exterior styling is rather bland. When you open the Falcon Wing back doors, they raise electrically to look more like a concept car. It is very heavy and oversized until you feel the hypercar’s acceleration. It feels great, even though six years have passed. Windows are the only thing missing from the Model X. This is an essential feature in a class where practicality and panache are more important than fashion.

You can choose from five, six, or seven-seat options. Plus, you can choose from two powertrains. Model X (0-60mph in 3.8secs with 348-mile range) and Plaid (12.5sec and 333miles). The driving experience is one where you aim and fire. This car is not intended for driving on bumpy roads. The Model X EV can be an excellent option if you have a limited budget and only need seven seats.

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid

The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid SUV 7-seat has excellent fuel economy and lots of standard equipment. It also features modern technology.

Hyundai introduced Santa Fe in 2021. It’s more compatible with smaller SUVs like the Kona or Tucson.

The Hyundai Sorento Hybrid is now an excellent contender to the Land Rover Discovery SportPHEV Land Rover Discovery SportPHEV Toyota Highlander.

Santa Fe’s latest model can be purchased as a hybrid or plug-in. It looks very much like the Kia Sorento. The plug-in option is the most efficient, with a 36-mile all-electric range. However, the hybrid’s fuel economy is excellent, and its cabin quality is superb. It’s also less costly than the PHEV. It is easy to access the third row. The boot holds 571 liters when folded down.

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Mercedes-Benz EQV

Mercedes-Benz developed the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, a van-like all-electric car. Mercedes offers three seat options in the Sport edition.

There are 3 options: Sports Premium Plus, Sport Premium Plus, and Sport Premium Plus. Premium plus versions use the 2-2-3 format.

Premium plus models have the option to add a folding dining table for middle passengers. The EQV is capable of delivering excellent performance while out and around. The EQV provides a 213-mile range and a 110kW DC charger potential. You can quickly charge the battery in 45 minutes.

You can now buy the Mercedes GLB with a powered battery option. The EQB looks slimmer than its square-jawed brother. It borders on boring. It’s still more suitable than Rubicon Trail for Rodeo Drive because it has optional 20-inch alloys.

The EQB features seven seats, unlike its rivals, the BMW iX3 e-Tron & Audi Q4 e-Tron. Stuttgart said that the third spot is for those less than 5ft4in. Adults over 5ft4inch can struggle to get in. DC charging is also possible, reaching up to 100kW. The charge takes only 30 minutes. The EQB may be the German answer to Tesla Model Y. However, and there is no seven-person option for the UK.

Citroen e-Berlingo

Multispace Citroen Berlingo vans have been introduced since the mid-1990s. It was small and spacious, with plenty of room for passengers. It was almost a given to have an electric version.

We’re now at present. The M version of the XL version can hold seven persons.

The official range of the 136PS engine with 50kWh batteries is 174 miles. It takes 30 minutes for the compact electric Citroen to be fully charged, from 0 to 80 percent on a 100kW circuit. A 7.4kW charger charges the battery in just 7.5 hours.

Practicality is a strength with e-Berlingo. There is plenty of boot space with capacities ranging from 1,050 to 4,000 liters. Additional 167l is possible to be stored within 26 of the cabin storage containers.

Vauxhall Combo-e Life (Petite e-Rifter) and Peugeot e-Rifter are variations of the same design. Citroen can be your best choice for a quirky people carrier.

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Peugeot e-Rifter

The world of MPVs has a more intimate feel than Rome. A positive side to shared parentage, which includes the Peugeot e-Rifter Citroen e-Berlingo & Vauxhall Combo-e Life, is more choice, especially if the Stellantis dealer gives you a discount.

For a small investment, you can get five- or 7-seater electric vehicles, plus enough luggage space for a cross-country vehicle. The motor is powered using a combination of a 50kWh battery and 134bhp. This motor gives it a range between 171 and 0-62mph times in only 11.2 seconds. DC charging upto 80 percent takes just 30 seconds at the roadside. Filling a home box can take approximately 7.5 hours. The best way to describe driving is van-like. Android Auto, Android Auto connectivity, and Android Auto Distractions are just a few features you can use to distract yourself. A long-wheelbase version can be ordered if necessary.

Lexus RX 450h

Lexus is known for creating premium cars. This Lexus 7-seater Lexus electric vehicles has a unique design. It is powered by a V6 engine, which produces a total power output of 308 horsepower.

Even with all that horsepower, the ride feels smooth and comfortable. It can achieve a maximum driving range of 499 miles using the combined engine and battery.

The seven-seat Lexus RX L seems very exciting. It is powered by a 3.5L V6 petrol engine and two electric motors, producing 308 bhp. This hybrid is all about smoothness, as well as a refinement rather than power or performance. Luxury is the key, with prices starting from PS50,000. You also get more boot space with the extra 110mm longer than standard RX. It can sometimes be challenging to fit all seven passengers.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life

Vauxhall’s product line is an excellent option if you want to find something made here in Britain. The Vivaro-E Life. This electric van-derived car is available with 7-seater electric vehicles options. Depending on the maximum number of passengers, there are 5-7, 8, and 3 rows. You can use any of the three modes available on Vivaro-E Life: Normal (every day), power (maximum efficiencies), and eco (uses very little energy). Charging the Vivaro-E Life is fast and straightforward. A 100kW charging dock can charge it in about 30 minutes. The battery will be fully charged in 11 hours when connected to a 7kW domestic box.

This Vauxhall Vivaro-e Live is also known for the Citroen e-SpaceTourer/Petit e-Traveller. We choose the Vivaro due to its availability in two trims.

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The Combi is 16 inches in diameter with cloth seats and air-conditioning. The Elite model comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, leather, triple zones climate control, parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, and satellite navigation. We prefer to use the back-to-basics option.

The ultra Vaux can seat up to nine people, making it laughable compared with most seven-seaters. With the electric sliding doors at each end, access is effortless. Access to the boot is effortless, even with all the seats. You can also add six Isofix mounting slots for child seats. That’s enough to make your five-side teams (plus a substitute). The Vivaro’s speed can be reduced from 62 mph to just 13.1sec by using the same 50kWh batteries and 134bhp electric motor as the Combo-e Life. The range, when fully charged, is 143 miles. It’s possible.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

The ID. Buzz Electric Microbus homage is retro-styled. It offers eight seats, as well as a range that exceeds 300 miles.

Volkswagen has thought for decades about a Microbus rebirth. However, the ID Buzz is finally bringing it to the UK. It will be on the market by autumn and retail at just PS57k. It is powered by a combined 201bhp/electric and 77kWh electrical battery. This powers the rear axle as its ID.3 sibling. Although we don’t have official figures, it is expected to travel around 250 miles. The possibility of a 111kWh-battery that can provide 300+ miles has been discussed. AWD with twin motors is also possible.


With the advancement in technology, vehicle manufacturers are also updating technology, spec, Comfort, and many other things. Looking into the need of our readers and having a family of seven persons, Electric Cars Tech presents you with some 7-seater electric vehicles you can consider while buying an EV.

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